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Welcome to the web site for Heavitree Team Ministry. For centuries we have been serving the people of Heavitree, and we intend to be here for centuries more!

We hope that among us you will find a welcome and a sense of friendship, but also a feeling of worship and of prayer. We try to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in different ways, traditional and modern. We hope our range of services and activities will help people to find God, to find Jesus and to find faith.

If you are already a Christian, if you used to be but would like to try again, or if you have little idea what church is all about – you are welcome at any of our services or activities. Feel free to use our Facebook sites to find out more and to comment.

I hope you find all the information you need from this web site.

God Bless

Fr Robin Eastoe.
Fr Robin

This website covers the Heavitree Team incoporating the Parish of Heavitree with Saint Paul (including the Conventional District of Trinity) and the Parish of Saint Mary Steps - covering the churches of St Michael's, St Lawrence's, St Paul's and St Mary Steps.

If you have any questions or issues regarding this website, or wish to add an event or other content, please contact us at

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